The Poor Happy Ones


Why is it that there are majority of rich sad people compared to the high number of happy poor people?

There are various reasons why happiness is more visible on the faces of the less privileged and less common in the faces of rich and famous, here’s how I see it from my own perspective.

This is something I’ve always wanted to write about for a while now, overtime I’ve noticed the way people carry themselves in the society and most times you can always tell how a person feels on the inside from their faces (even beneath the fake smiles and gestures), manner of conversation and actions.

What does it mean to be happy?

Happiness is a state of well-being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. Being happy means feeling or showing pleasure or contentment; from this definition we can see that this feeling causes individuals to act and behave in a particular way with smile decorated faces and a worry-free heart hence contentment plays a very huge role.


Try looking around on a daily base and you’ll see a large number of wealthy people, living a life of luxury with very little or no traces of happiness; just fake smiles and worries written boldly on their faces and this is as a result of the fact that the affluent ones are mostly not contented with their possessions (they worry about how much they have at the moment, how much they’ve made at the present time, how much they’re loosing and what has been lost) hence this causes lack of proper rest, clouded thinking and can even lead to adverse health issues.

On the other hand, people who live in the confinement of poverty embrace the rule of contentment despite lacking so many basic amenities they wear their smiles very big like they have no problems whatsoever to worry about. A very questionable irony of our every day life!

What does one need to stay happy?

In order to plant fruitful seeds of joyful living that will forever keep you on the right path, one needs to put him/herself on constant self examination for the flaws that we make that pushes one down the lane of unhappiness. Let’s always remember to;

  1. Be contented.

Always be grateful what you have; be contented. Don’t push yourself into unnecessary walls of dissatisfaction, envy, greed and worry.

2. Stay around happy people ( happiness is contagious)

Iron sharpens Iron …..It’s common notion for people to say ‘money begets happiness’ but reality paints a more vivid picture about this as it isn’t entirely true. One basic things that begets happiness is happiness so surround yourself with happy people and also spread the feeling.

3. Don’t hold on to bad moments.

We all go through bad times but how we react after those moments really matter a lot; we all need to learn to let go of bad moments. It has happened so what next? Move on!

4. Forgive easily

Don’t hold grudges as that will make you mostly unhappy with bitterness in your heart. When someone wrongs you ; learn to forgive so you can be at peace on the inside.

5. Give freely.

Don’t hold back, there’s great joy in giving. And guess what? Putting smiles on others face will never leave your face blank.

Is It Right To Make Wishes?

I think one of the great undervalued privilege we have as human is our unending ability to make wishes; you know the freedom to be able to hope for something to happen; using words to express what you imagine or even making a secret wish. it’s actually a great tool that we all possess.

I wish..I want…I hope for…

We all have wished and are still wishing on different things like a shooting stars, the moon, a rainbow, even on a newly removed or making a wish while blowing out fire from the candle of a birthday cake, tossing a coin into a wishing lake and so many others. Most people may feel like its entirely a worthless thing to do as there isn’t any guarantee that a wish made would transit into reality so one would want to ask why do we really make wishes?

Reason For A Wish

For me, there’s a satisfaction that comes from making a wish, it makes you think inwardly before stating out what you really want (Like how you think deeply about your birthday wish before making it) so a wish helps filter the priority of our wants as we express them. We don’t always get what we wish for but some wishes do come true and that leaves that person with a really great feeling, be it the small ones like “I hope I get the job” or a big wish like “I wish the world would be a better place” it helps prompt that desire to have something or do something.

Looking at this quote by Alexander WoolcottMany of us spend half of our time wishing for things
we could have if we didn’t spend half of our time wishing.”
one would want to conclude that making wishes are entirely useless but I really feel different about that because making a wish points out the need or desire in the first place which then builds into the work needed to make that wish a reality. For me its a great motivational tool because having a wish in place helps me know what to work towards and since we all don’t pay to make wishes (I can’t actually look at a wishing lake as a payment because its then why not use this great motivational tool… and guess what its absolutely FREE!

Beauty lies in our mind and hope and imagination put together can birth reality as spoken wishes inspire others and eventually lead to more of the important wishes coming true but wishes are useless when you wish for the impossible (like bringing back a loved one from the dead) and unrealistic. Lets keep making wishes which will push us in the right direction which is to do the necessary work. Daisaku Ikeda says “heart felt prayer (or wishing) must be followed by heart felt action so it’s okay to keep wishing, the joy is knowing there’s actually no limitation and it’s really a great tool is used properly so WISH ON but don’t forget that’s the first step and you really need to put in work to make those wishes come true!

Would you rather wish there were no reasons to make wishes at all??? (Well, remember as humans our needs are insatiable, so where does that leave us….)

What are your views about wishes?

Do you think its a total waste of time or a childish action?

Benefits Of Looking Good

What does it really mean to look good?

Looking good means to be visually appealing or attractive; it consists of everything one needs to do to stand out in appearance; from inside (bathing regularly, healthy dieting and working out) to the outside (being neatly dressed, maintaining good posture, nice hair styling). Looking good is actually a lifestyle that involves paying attention to those details that will help you stand out in appearance.

What makes you good looking is how you express yourself; that comes from how you are interpreting life and how ready you are to make those decisions required for the enhancement of your looks.

Why is it important to look good?

  1. Commands Respect

According to researches that have been carried out, people who take their appearance very seriously; making sure to always stand out by their looks earn respect overtime than people who appear tattered and unkempt. People will place you in a high level of importance and even give you excess attention all because you look appealing.

2. Opens Individuals To Opportunities/ Investors

It’s not a new fact that people will always want to work with those who look financially capable to an extent, less number of people will willingly want to invest in someone who looks like he/she has never held a penny before because of trust issues. One will feel like the person won’t be able to manage resources properly as such individual hasn’t been doing too well in self management. I’ve had personal encounters that I recall with certain unknown people who walked up to me, started a conversation and turned out to be business associates/ customers all because I appeared properly dressed.

3. Drives Positive Energy

Look Your Best, Feel Your Best!

Does that sentence tell you anything? It’s actually a reminder to you to think about those days when you wear an attire that makes you standout or attracts a lot of compliment from people. You walk with your shoulder’s high feeling like a prestigious personality as there’s this positive energy that looking good attracts naturally. It really helps all the time; even on very bad days!

4. Boost Health/ Self Esteem

Self esteem is one thing that you can never be far from when you look super fly. Have you ever gone for a job interview and when it got to your turn the interviewer spent some time to acknowledge  how good looking you appear before starting out? Does that make you feel less confident during the rest of the session? Hell No! So you see that looking good helps boost self esteem hence there’s no way depression could easily have access so that give you a healthy status as you barely feel down or become overcome by worry that could could become open doors to diseases.

When you start every new day, bare in mind all this beautiful reasons why you don’t have to look any less than Good, Outstanding, Fresh, Dope, Clean, Fly…… 🙂

What are other benefits of looking good? Feel free to share with me in the comment section.

5 Things You Need To Become A Successful Music Artiste

Over the years the music business has become a very competitive affair as there have been high rise in the number of people involved within the last decade, this also means more competition for the music artistes who are faced with different circumstances in their music journey.

These 5 things will ensure success for any music artiste.

  1. Have A source Of Income

Undeniably the music business requires high expense right from the production stage to the distribution/ marketing. To avoid being stranded, frustrated and leaving your music to sit around unheard by people, one needs to have a financial backup plan that will aid funding your music dream into reality.

You can learn a skill/trade or start up a small business that will provide income to help cover expenses that will be incurred on your music journey.

2. Find Your Style

This is one step so many people miss out while exploring their creativity in their music , the music industry is a very competitive market place as I stated earlier. Copycats don’t get much attention and credits like the artistes with their own original styles. It’s understood that following trends could lead high traffic your way but they won’t turn into fans if you do not have originality to your brand.

Selling your style can ensure longevity in the music scene.

3. Ensure Quality

From quality of your lyrics, the sound (beat production – mixing/mastering) to the production of quality music video and even the quality you give yourself from your daily appearance as an artiste is very paramount to your growth and this could even help your hire price as an artiste.

Everyone’s a fan of high quality so why would you want to give anything less?

4. Proper Promotion

Think about promotion as stretching out your hand to give people a taste of newly baked cake; it’s only the people you’re able to reach out to that will be able to confirm how good it tastes and also tell others in their circle about what they think about your cake. So you see that the right promotion strategies need to be out in place attacking a wide spread, thanks to the advancement in technology; social media and the internet aids in achieving this, you’re to use all available mediums from various blogs/music websites, radio airplay, music video campaign, performance at events, sharing contents with prominent contacts and connecting with people who are big personalities in the industry.

5. Believe and Patience

These are very strong keys needed for both upcoming or already made artiste because either way you would experience situations that would be frustrating, discouraging or career threatening. “Before anyone can believe in you as an artiste you need to have a believe in yourself that in super strong”

Most times record labels don’t come into the music picture until you’ve done some work, created a level of buzz or even made impact no matter how small as an independent artiste. This takes patience and believe in yourself; these traits will always keep you strong in turbulent times as you chase for success in your music journey.

Drop a comment below! What other things do you need to become successful as an artiste?

Everybody vs Addiction

“We cannot change anything if we cannot change our thinking ” – Santos Kalwar

We all have habits one way or the other either good or bad.  To some its sex, alcohol, smoking, drugs, sexual abuse and to other its food, anger, lies, stealing and other character traits.

In our society today,  it’s become norms for people to live their lives on the basis of “This is how I am  – Can’t change for Nobody”. So everyone takes pride in their bad habits and instead of devising ways to tackle them and better themselves, they willingly look for more chains and locks to keep themselves tied up in the mess which they could fix if only they were ready to and put their minds to it. 

We were all born and raised in different homes,  with various genetic traits and characters, the rest we picked up from the influence of people around us, our environment and also the media.  A daily event slowly turns into a habit then over time builds to form our character and slowly becomes our daily lifestyle.  

We place high priority on this things because we are engrossed with the thoughts of them hence we end up doing them often. If only we could learn to condition our minds (yea,  one day at a time) into firstly realizing this little and even big addictions of ours, then slowly examining ourselves and making those little decisions that would aid us to be one day apart from those strong inclination of ours. 

Believe me,  it’s not as hard as it looks (it’s way easier when you try) but you have to start out first by avoiding that chance, location, person etc that will cause you to fall back.  

Secondly,  if your reason is to kill your pain or have fun then you’d have to stop seeing that dependence as that.  The moment you stop seeing it as a “box of pleasure” or a “box of relief” as you perceive it then you will receive the major key out of your addictions!  

Our ability as humans to get addicted is a really great tool; only when used for good! I try to push my daily energy into reading,  writing, spending time alone, creating contents, time with family, working out and list of others slowly i’m building them into habits, characters and turning them into a lifetime addiction,  that way I can say I’m addicted proudly of course to the good things of life! 

It all starts in the Mind!

What are you addicted to and how are you working to kick them out? 


Indecision is what’s killing us all

The very reason behind man’s fall
Undecided minds,  hearts with questions and doubts
Seeds of uncertainty nursed from sprouts

We all cannot foretell the future but can be hopeful for what we want
But being indecisive could turn sharpened hopes all blunt
Make a choice and stick to the process
It’s a but a story; you decide the contents and relevance of each sentence

Decide now; No! not later
Procrastination has never done anyone better!
Is it what you want or what you need??
The latter should be priority; chase it with max speed!

Some seconds of delay could cost you a fortune
So be decisive, regardless of who’s watching
With minds made up and hearts decided
Get your price in full; pay attention undivided!

You can do it; if you make up your mind to! Be Decisive.

Stay Positive!

The End Is Close – Covid 19

It’s become a very disturbing part of our everyday lives
As we gaze out of our windows and stare deep into our media devices
Soaked in the feeling of being protected, bloods longing to be pure
With hopes high we anticipate a vaccine that will be the cure

The whole wide world is affected, recently one name defines us
it tops our list of worries and its name cry out in our heads; CORONAVIRUS
This battle has been tough; Its origin we can’t clearly say
The voltage at which it shocks the world with Death rates adding up everyday

The Rich and poor, Everyone is affected
Public figures, celebrities, even nobodies are infected
How do we flee from this plague is the question everyone asks
Cos staying alive which wasn’t so easy is now the hardest task

Let’s say a prayer! I pray for all around the Globe
For the strength to survive this and better days to rekindle our hopes
It’s scarier when we wonder; is this the End time??
Hey! It will all go away soon…the epidemic is reaching its End time!!!

Stay positive, Stay Safe, Stay Alive!!

Finding Your Style 1

The true refection of oneself comes deeply from your core; once found, can never be lost except ignored but sadly 90% of people don’t know themselves hence can’t rock their style because they haven’t found it yet…ooops. Well here’s my journey to finding mine.

Life was tiring way back with dad sitting at the edge of our creativity (myself and 3 brothers) with his strict personality and loud voice yelling at us to go back into the path he wanted for us and not what we wanted to do. It was very devastating as we all had no freedom of expression whenever we he was around so I didn’t grow up having free will to make decisions; I always felt like dad was just by the corner glaring at me. lol.

That affected me badly because at my young age I found it hard to make choices; when we go out shopping and its time for everyone to make their choice as regards clothes or shoes they preferred and wanted for themselves, whenever it got to my turn I would basically fade out and pick anything random; not because I loved it but because I wanted that time to pass me by as there was this tension that was ever present in me when making decisions and also knowing that dad would be there with a stern look like take your pick don’t waste my time young man. Getting home I would realize that I made a really scrappy pick and sometimes I end up not wearing the clothes or shoes I bought.

Generally, making choices became more difficult for me as I grew older, I couldn’t tell what I preferred in the midst of different options, I made my pick based on what others thought was good for me, I didn’t even know what my interests where and what I loved and didn’t. It was an unhappy time for me as I was always left with this battle in my mind and dissatisfaction knowing I wasn’t doing Me.

The turning point in my life started 7 years ago when I slowly became aware of what I didn’t like from choice of food, colors, character traits, fabrics, friends (I actually had to learn this the hard way though) then I made a personal decision to try and understand my likes and interests.

Now I know better and slowly I’ve learnt to listen to myself more; what my preferred choices are, which color I think is suitable for me, where I want to go and what particular styles I will love to rock. I’m reading through each lines from the pages of the book “self discovery” and it’s a gradual learning step for me , I have decided not to forgo my views and perceptions but learn who I am on the journey of Finding My Style.

I was once lost but now i’m so aware that there are lots of people out there who are still on that road and need to trace their steps back… All you need do is begin to listen to yourself and slowly you’ll discover yourself.


Fail Big! 5 Reasons Why Failure Is Good For You

Failure is mostly seen as a bad thing and this isn’t supposed to be (Yes! It’s not supposed to be). It’s not the opposite of success! It’s actually the state of not meeting a particular objective but what we don’t realize is that it’s actually a step forward towards success . “Success” on the other hand is an accomplishment but we can’t say we failed at a particular thing because we didn’t achieve our desired goal right away and here are the reasons why:

Failure Is A Good Learning Tool

Think about those experiences you’ve had while you failed at something; the knowledge you got from your researches as you planned to attack that project and most especially the “what not to do next time” information you discovered after you tried out and failed at it. Failure gives us insight as to how we can do better.

Failure Encourages Growth

We tend to stretch beyond our previous set boundaries after an effort that didn’t work. After a failed attempt one would have to try again outside his/her comfort zone hence you will never be the same as you were before you tried. That is growth and failure keeps that balance!

Great Strength Is Derived From Failure

Yes, I know failing makes one feel discouraged and down but the feeling doesn’t last forever, after that feeling wears away it gives strength and experience to try better. There will be a stronger desire to move ahead as one would have to built a positive mindset and a brand new level of energy; this way you then have to push yourself to try again making you focused on a more successful outcome next time. Once you have failed too many times, you won’t be scared to try again and again because your will power has been improved overtime.

Failure Creates Opportunities

If we look back at our life and instances when we have failed in one way or the other we would realize that failure made us try out different approaches to a task creating opportunities we wouldn’t have discovered without failing at first. We meet new people while trying our different projects out of which turn out to be prospective connections that attract different opportunities.

Failure = courage

Yes, you didn’t get the desired result but you built courage being that you tried out the task in the first place. Fear is eliminated by the presence of courage so as long as you made the move that makes you courageous.

While you dive out to do that project, make that move or take that business step, go with the mindset that either way you’re moving; if you fall to the ground don’t stop looking up because when you look up then you can get up and “Failing” sometimes is “looking up” no matter the situation. Fail big, learning, keep growing, keep winning!

What ways have you failed and how will you say failure helped you? If you don’t mind, you can share with me I will love to know.


Why Cry When You Can Fight ?

If you don’t fight for what you want, then don’t cry for what you lost.


Your will to stay alive in any given situation can keep you going even when there’s zero strength left to sustain the body. That’s one thing we should never loose while we go through life maze; our “Will”. Our will to be successful, our will to create, our will be impactful, our will to endure, our will to build, Our will to learn….OUR WILL!

Life could gives us heavy blows and unending bruises that keeps us wondering if hard times will ever come to an end; debts, family issues, sickness, heartbreaks, failure and other unpleasant factors can break us and even plant some people into the deeps infertile grounds of depression. Every new day; a new problem to worry about and one may just want to lay down with a tears filled eyes never to rise again backing out from the brutal battles of life but truthfully there is so much you can achieve if you don’t agree to be defeated but rather FIGHT.

Fight? Yes, fight!

Guess what? It’s hard to see clearly when you have your eyes filled with tears. So in order to see ahead, you have to dry your eyes and picture what lies ahead!

Eyes filled with tears..

The biggest battles are always given to the toughest soldiers to fight and there’s always great reward upfront so if things are really rough for you at the moment; the true determinant of your success is your willingness to fight.

Here Are Ways To Fight.

  • Endure- persist-survive- fight
    There is always something to learn in tough situations; experiences that would aid in building interpersonal skills that would turn into character and later on become your daily habits.
  • Imagine the worst case scenario
    Here’s a trick you can play on your mind that will enable you stay in the right frame to avoid depression; Picture the worst things that could happen from the situation (for example; A heartbreak – picture you already lost your partner; You will be hurt, need to spend time healing, moving on with life alone and hope for a better partner to come your way again….see that way you won’t have to break down on an endless tears trip but try fight the urge to and focus your mind on other things since you have prepared your mind ahead and go on living). Once you can imagine it and play all the worst things that the situation could lead to, go on living, expecting the worst but praying for the best. This way you spend time less time worrying and stay ready to face the worse.
  • Sometimes failure is what we need to grow
    You don’t need to cry about everything; there are certain things you cannot achieve until you have witnessed failure a couple times. There are certain wrongs that need to happen before one can finally get it right. So keep fighting and failing BIG, those experiences and lessons are paramount.
  • You can’t beat the person who won’t give up – FIGHT
    The one who stays up and fight is closer to Victory that the one who backs down. So STAND AND FIGHT.
Don’t Give Up.

Light Up Your World!